Managed PoE Switch

VALN  |  Qos  |  MSTP  |   IGMP  |  ACL  | Static Routing

24 Ports Gigabit PoE Switch with 4 Ports Gigabit Combo

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6KV Surge protection | -40℃~85℃ | IP40 | WEB and Console Management  Offers an easy-to-use, platform-independent management and configuration facility.


Industrial PoE Switch

High capacity wireless bridge

Long Distance Transmission

wireless signal transmission can be far as 15 kilometer

High Capacity

Throughput up to 700mbps,60+ Video Links

Common, reliable and adaptable

Proprietary protocols for less jitter latency more speed. Automatic channel selection and transmit power control mechanisms allow users to avoid noisy channels

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PoE Switch

Benchu Group New generation PoE products, power and data transmission can be extended up to 250 meters. 30/60/90W Single PoE outputs are available with 1G/2.5G/10G optional.

Ethernet Switch

Benchu Group offers various choices for its LAN switch solutions with combinations of fiber and Industrial Ethernet for different applications from 5 to 48 ports or more.

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Benchu Group industial switch being able to operate under wide temperature range from -40 to 85 degrees C,  the built-in Web-based and Console management interface, offers an easy-to-use, platform-independent management and configuration facility.

Industrial Switch

Optical Fiber Converter

Benchu Group  provides a comprehensive Media Conversion solution from the Edge to the Core to extend communication distance of the Ethernet network via fiber optic cabling, or UTP cabling.

Benchu Group has multiple product lines covering a variety of applications in different vertical segments. Unique proprietary technologies,and professional product design make our wireless equipment ideal for anyone seeking quality,  high performance, and fast return on investment.

High Capacity Wireless Bridge

ePTMP Series
ePTMP Series ac
PTP Series
PTMP Series

Benchu Group offers full range of network telecommuncation accessory like PoE injectors,PoE extenders,PoE splitters and Wireless AP etc which can help to save the installation cost and Its the most economic solutions for systems integrations.


PoE Injector
PoE Extender
Industrial Adaptor
Outdoor Wi-Fi Bridge
PoE Splitter