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Benchu Group Industrial Ethernet Switch Solution includes Industrial Rack-mount PoE Switches, DIN-railSwitches, Industrial Media Converters, Industrial Extenders series


This Industrial Ethernet switches is a cost-efficient solution and meets the high reliability requirements demanded by industrial applications such as factory assembly line, automation, transportation and heavy Industrial factory, This Hardened Ethernet switches are designed to operate at -40 to 75°C in harsh environments where high ESD, shock and vibration ma be present and to provide an economical solution for your industrial Ethernet network.


The switches can be easily installed on a DIN rail as well as in distribution boxes. The DIN-rail mounting capability, wide operating temperature capability, and the IP40 housing with LED indicators make the plug-and-play switches easy to use and reliable.

Industrial Ethenet and PoE Switch Solution

local Lan




This Industrial unmanaged Ethenet switch is based on the IEC61643-21:2000 standard, integrated with surge protection for both network signal and power together. It is adapted to the lightning surge protection for surveillance IP camera ,wireless camera's power line, network cable, exempt from the damage caused by reacting overvoltage, operating over-voltage and static electricity discharge etc. Reaching 6KV surge protection, the PoE ports owns the capacity to keep the industral Ethernet Switch from lightning strikes and other electrical surges, offering reliable performance even in some harsh environments.

All of the RJ45 copper interfaces in the switch support 10/100/1000Mbps auto negotiation for optimal speed detection through RJ45 Category 6, 5 or 5e cables. The standard auto-MDI/MDI-X support can detect the type of connection to any Ethernet device without requiring special straight-through or crossover cables.


Plug and Power Network Deployment 




6KV Surge Protection Design 




Flexible and Easy Installation with Limited Space 




Industrial-grade, Flexible and Environmentally-hardened Design 




This Industrial switch features a strong dual power input system with wide-ranging voltages (12V~48V DC or 24V AC) incorporated into customer’s automation network to enhance system reliability and uptime. Being able to operate under wide temperature range from -40 to 75 degrees C, Bchu Group Industrial switch can be placed in almost any difficult environment. It also allows either DIN rail or wall mounting for efficient use of cabinet space.

Wall Mounting




DIN-rail  Mounting 




This industrial switch is specially designed to be installed in a narrow environment, such as wall enclosure. It can be installed by fixed wall mounting or DIN rail, thereby making its usability more flexibly and easily in any space-limited location.

The additional two mini-GBIC SFP slots built in the switch support dual speed, 1000BASE-SX/LX SFP fiber-optic modules, meaning the administrator now can flexibly choose the suitable SFP transceiver according to not only the transmission distance but also the transmission speed required. The distance can be extended from 550 meters to 2km (multi-mode fiber) and to 20/40/60/100/120 kilometers (single-mode fiber or WDM fiber). They are well suited for applications within the enterprise data centers and distributions.




Efficient Secure Management Interface




For efficient management, the Benchu Group SP7200 series managed PoE switch is equipped with Web and SNMP management interfaces. The embedded Device Managed System (DMS) features provides users with the benefits of easy-to-use/configure/install/troubleshoot in the video surveillance, wireless access, and other SMBs and Enterprises applications. It is ideal to deliver management simplicity, better user experience, and lowest total cost of ownership.





The Industrial PoE switch typical application by Benchu Group as below




















Flexibility and Extension Solution 




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