PoE to Type-C Driver 5V 2.4A Output




---  Mobile broadband Internet access
---  Supporting mobile device PD charging
---  Stable network, ultra-low delay
---  Suitable for Smart phone, Tablet
---  Support Android Harmony os, loS system

Designed for tablet PC and Mobile phone solution 

  • PoE to Type-C Driver 5V 2.4A Output 
    Benchu group PoE to Type-C Driver can only work with Type-C devices with CC pin (Support PD2.0 or 3.0 protocol)

    Benchu group POE To USB-C Driver applies to Type-C devices with CC Pin, provides Mobile broadband Internet access, faster and more stable than WIFI, while supporting mobile device PD chargingle network, ultra-low delay, get rid of the trouble of WIFI instability. No need for driver, plug and play. Compact and portableIt supports Android, HarmonyOS, iOS and other systems.

    Suitable for Smart phone, Tablet, and other devicesures: Support international standard IEEE802.3af Support 10/100Mbps data transmission Support the isolation circuit protection,effectively protect electrical equipment. Support the short circuit, over voltage protection Type-C port 5V/2.4A power output PD support 44V – 57V voltage transmission, Automatically detects power supply from PSE power supply module 1500V high voltage isolation Specifications.

    ---  Applies to Type-C devices with CC pin. Mobile phone/tablet charging while surfing the Internet, wired network card, PD device charging, drive free plug and play.

    ---  Supports Android, HarmonyOS, iOS and other systems. Suitable for Smart phone, Tablet, and other devices, compact and portable.

    ---  Stable network, ultra-low delay, no delay in live broadcasting, faster and more stable Internet experience, get rid of the trouble of WIFI instability

    ---  Support the isolation circuit protection, the short circuit protection, over voltage protection, effectively protect electrical equipment.

    ---  Support international standard IEEE802.3af and 10/100Mbps data transmission. 5V/2.4A power output from Type-C port.

  • Model


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    Laptop, Tablet, Phone

    Support OS

    Android, Harmony OS, IOS

    Interface Type

    RJ45 to Type-C

    Type-C USB2.0

    OUT Connector


    Isolation 1500V High voltage


    80mm x 28mm x 20mm(7.8in x 3.5in x 1.18in) 


    < 0.1Kg

    Line Dimension


    Transmission Rate


    POE input Standard

    IEEE802.3af, IEEE802.3at

    Power supply pins

    1,2 + / 3,6- and 4,5 + / 7,8-


    5V/2.4A (12W)

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