1ch 10/100M PoE Extender



---  Automatically detects and protects PoE equipments from

      being damaged by incorrect installation
---  Extends the range of PoE to 100 meters (328ft.)
---  IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet compliant
---  Plug and Play
---  No external power cable required for installation






Designed for Video Security solution 

  • Long Distance High Power PoE and Gigabit Data Extension Solution

    The POE-EX01 from Benchu Group is a newly designed simple device which extends both the reach of Ethernet Data and IEEE 802.3at / 802.3af Power over Ethernet over the standard 100m (328 ft.) CAT. 5/5e/6 UTP cable to 200m, 300m, 400m and maximum 500m.



    Currently, PoE supported networking devices such as PoE IP Cameras, PoE Wireless Access Points and PoE IP Phones have become the mainstream of network deployment because of the convenience of easy installation regardless of additional power supply. However, limited by the UTP cable specifications, only up to 100 meters (328 ft.) cable could be applied for IP-Based and PoE powered devices (PD) installation. Therefore, the POE-EX01 is designed as the repeater to forward both Ethernet data and high power PoE power and thus extend the range of PoE installation. By just plug and play without additional power supply and set up, one single POE-EX01 can increase the PoE range to 200m. By daisy-chaining multiple PoE-EX01, it offers you great flexibility to extend the distance of PoE network to triple, quadruple further in length or more.



    1ch 10/100M PoE Extender, No power requried

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    Easy Cabling Installation

    Providing high power PoE and Ethernet data extension ability, the POE-EX01 is an ideal solution for service providers, campuses and public areas networking applications which require PoE deployment of wireless access points, IP-Based surveillance or IP phones in any places. It enables you to centrally manage the power easily, efficiently and cost effectively. The POE-EX01 offers a cost effective and quick solution to doubles the standard range of PoE from 100 to 200 meters


    Surge Protection
    PoE Extender is based on the IEC61643-21:2000 standard,Reaching 4KV surge protection, the PoE ports owns the capacity to keep the PoE Extender from lightning strikes and other electrical surges, offering reliable performance even in some harsh environments.




  • Hardware Specifications


    PoE in Port: 1 x 10/100BASE-T Ethernet POE PD In
    PoE out Port: 1x 10/100BASE-T Ethernet POE PSE Out

    Store-and-Forward switch architecture

    Switch Architecture

    MAC Address Table

    2K MAC address table with auto learning function


    Network Cable

    Operating: 5~90%, (non-condensing)

    Storage: 5~90% (non-condensing)


    Standards Conformance

    IEEE 802.3 Ethernet
    IEEE 802.3u Fast Ethernet
    IEEE 802.3x Flow Control
    IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet
    IEEE 802.3at Power over Ethernet Plus

    Standards Compliance

    Operating: -20~55 degrees C
    Storage: -40~75 degrees C



    Flow Control

    IEEE 802.3x pause frame for full duplex

    Back pressure for half duplex

    Switch Throughput

    4.46Mpps @ 64Bytes

    Switch Fabric


    Hardware Specifications

    Power Pin Assignment

    1/2(-), 3/6(+),

    Power over Ethernet

    PoE Power

    PoE in Port:44~50V DC, max. 30 watts

    Per PoE out Port:48~56V DC, max. 28 watts


    PoE Power Budget

    PoE Standard

    PoE in Port:IEEE 802.3af/at PoE PD
    Per PoE out Port:EEE 802.3af/at PoE PSE

    Air 8KV DC   Contact 6KV DC

    ESD Protection



    Dimensions (W x D x H)

    93 x105 x 29 mm  (3.66in x 4.13n x 1.14in)




    LED Display

    Power Consumption

    Less than 2Watts 

    FCC Class A, CE Class A

    Regulatory Compliance

    IEC 60068-2-32 (Free fall)
    IEC 60068-2-27 (Shock)
    IEC 60068-2-6 (Vibration)

    Stability Testing

  • PoE




    Ethernet has a limited cable length between the switch and the camera of 100m (328 ft.). When needed to cover a longer distance, a switch is normally used as a repeater, or optical fiber may be used.


    To overcome this distance limit, network installers can simply connect an POE-EX01 Extender in-line with the Cat-5e or Cat-6 cable, and forward the rest to the camera. Dependent on midspan and camera type, the connection in total can be between 200-400 meters (656-1312 ft.).


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